Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

I am not a huge fan of pumpkin anything, although I am getting there. Maybe I am maturing in my old age :) Every year Marc asks for some sort of pumpkin thing with chocolate chips. I figured I would try this recipe for our November "Cookie Friday"--it was a hit!

The only thing I changed was to add chocolate chips into the dough, instead of glazing them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strawberry-Lime Shortcake

I made THIS recipe twice while visiting grandparents this summer. It is easy, delicious, and was a huge hit!

A simple twist on a old classic!

Try it, you'll like it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Turkey & Pesto Sliders and Baked French Fries

Turkey Sliders found HERE

Baked French Fries found HERE

Both were SUPER good & SUPER easy!
(served with watermelon)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honey Curry Chicken

This is an old recipe that I got from a recipe swap I was part of in Rochester, NY. I am pretty sure Suzy Jensen submitted this one. It's been years since I made it last, and when I was looking for dinner inspiration last week, I came across it. It is super easy (like Marc actually made it while I was in meetings) and really good!

Honey Curry Chicken
(thanks Suzy!)

3 lbs. raw chicken, cut into bite size pieces

4 Tblspn. butter

½ c. honey

¼ c. prepared mustard

1 tsp. curry powder

1 tsp. salt

Melt butter, then add all other ingredients.

Cover chicken with sauce.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Serve over rice.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I have no idea what the name of this recipe is, or where it came from, but it was good. Quite rich, but goooooood. You only need a small serving, with a large salad to balance it out with :)

Gnocchi with Cream Sauce

1/2 c. butter
2 oz. prosciutto, chopped
10 basil leaves, torn
1/4 c. pine nuts
1 c. heavy cream
1/2 c. parmesan cheese, shredded
1 pkg. gnocchi (or homemade, if you're really ambitious!)

Beat 1/2c. of cream until whipped and then set aside.
Melt butter in saucepan, add pine nuts and cook until the nuts brown a little.
Add 1/2 c. cream to the butter and pine nuts and bring to a light boil.
Cook for 1 minute, then turn the heat down to low.
Add basil and prosciutto.
Then fold in the whipped cream and the parmesan.

Add gnocchi to boiling water. Once they float, they are done! (happens quickly)
Remove and mix with sauce.
Serve immediately.

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

We had these a few weeks ago. I made a big batch and took some to a friend who was sick. We loved them, and so did her family.

You can find the recipe HERE!

Grilled Yellow Squash with Fresh Dill & Feta

Not sure where I found this, but I love it! So good to throw some homegrown squash on the BBQ--and then snaz it up a bit with herbs and feta. So good!

Grilled Yellow Squash with Fresh Dill & Feta

4-6 small yellow squash (or zucchini)
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp sugar
1 1/2 Tblspn sherry vinegar (or substitute your favorite vinegar)
2 Tblspn fresh chopped dill
1/4 c. EVOO
1 shallot, sliced
salt & pepper to taste
crumbled feta cheese

1. Preheat gas grill or prepare coals for charcoal grill
2. In a medium bowl, whisk together mustard, vinegar, and chopped dill. Slowly whisk in olive oil, season with salt and pepper to taste, then stir in shallot slices; set aside.
3. Slice squash in half lengthwise, then add them all to the bowl of vinaigrette. Toss to coat.
4. Remove squash from marinade and grill over medium-high heat for a couple of minutes on each side, until grill marks appear and the squash is just tender. Remove to a plate, spoon remaining vinaigrette over the squash, and sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese.
Serve immediately.

Congo Bars

LOVE this new recipe I found! I have made these a ton already--because it is nice to throw in one batch of cookies and not have to stand in front of hot oven for hours making dozen after dozen of traditional cookies. Summers here in TX are HOT! So this recipe allows me to feed my addiction to baked goods while not heating up my kitchen too much :) Not to mention these are thick and moist!

Congo Bars
(somewhere on the web, but can't remember where!)

2 3/4 c. flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2/3 c. softened butter
1 lb. (2 c. packed) light brown sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
12 oz. milk chocolate chips
1 c. chopped pecans (optional)

Sift flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl & set aside.
Combine butter and sugar, using a mixer, until blended.
Add eggs one at a time to sugar mixture, mixing on low in between each addition.
Add vanilla and mix.
Add flour and mix until combined.
Stir in chips and then pecans.

Coat a 9 X 13 pan with nonstick spray and spread batter evenly into dish.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until top is golden brown.
Make sure you don't over bake.

(Last night I made these AGAIN and used M & M's instead of chocolate chips and nuts!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chicken, Asparagus & Mushroom Crepes

I made THESE for dinner tonight.

Random find on a decorating blog, but a good one!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



(thanks to my SIL, Sally for this super easy, delicious recipe)

Grab a french bread tube (I used Pillsbury pizza dough in a can) and unroll it onto a silpat, or wax paper (the dough will be sticky, try to keep it cold)
Then layer it with 6 oz (or more) of deli sliced ham, 6 oz of sliced swiss (I used grated Mozzarella), chives and crumbled bacon pieces.
Leave almost an inch on all sides free from the ingredients. then just roll it up.
Place seem side down on a cookie sheet and tuck the sides under. Then cut 4-5, 1/4 deep lines on top.
Cook for about 30 minutes @ 350 or until its golden brown.

I usually serve it will a big fruit salad or even soup.

You can also do it with Mozzarella and pepperoni and then dip in pizza sauce.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy White Chicken Chili

I mentioned to a coworker that I was in a cooking slump, and so she sent me a link to this recipe, stating how easy and good it was. I have to agree! If I had to choose a favorite White Chicken Chili, it would have to be THIS one, but this new recipe is so much easier and faster--it's great for a last minute dinner!

Cottage Cheese Salad

I realize this is not everyone's favorite salad. In fact, it may not be MOST people's favorite. But it is one of mine--probably because I grew up on it and it reminds me of my mom. She is a no fuss kind of person. This salad has her name all over it.

1 large container of cottage cheese (2 lbs)
1 8oz. container of cool whip
1 large packet of J-Ello
canned fruit

I made this with Fat Free cottage cheese and cool whip, sugar free orange J-Ello and 2 cans of mandarin oranges, drained. This made a large bowl that I ate over the course of a few days.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corn Chowder

It is a cool, dark and rainy day here in TX. I have a pretty empty fridge and no ideas for dinner. It feels like a soup kind of day, so after perusing various recipe sites online, I found this recipe. It met my criteria: 1. I was NOT going to the store for any ingredients and 2. It had to be fairly simple

The recipe can be found HERE.

Due to my "no going to the store" criteria, I had to make a few changes to the recipe. Besides cutting the recipe in half, I also did not add turmeric, I used whole milk instead of half-n-half and used shredded parmesan cheese instead of cheddar. I also added chunks of ham to make it a full meal.

It's delicious!


I have already posted a great Snickerdoodle recipe, but this one may just top the last one. This recipe was generously shared by my old roommate on her design/entertaining blog, Blonde Designs.

I love that the recipe does not call for shortening and the cookies are so, so moist! I made them for "Cookie Friday" last month. I, of course, tripled the batch and froze a few dozen--they were just as moist after thawing as they were fresh out of the oven. I love that!

Here is the recipe!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chocolate Overdose Cake

Marc's all-time favorite dessert is this mousse cake. However, I only make it once or twice a year, due to the time and amount of chocolate involved. When I came upon this recipe, I knew it would rival the mousse cake. It does. WOW!

Chocolate Overdose Cake
(Annie's Eats found HERE)

Christmas Salad

While we were in Destin, FL for Thanksgiving, my friend Joy made this salad for our Thanksgiving meal. It was so colorful, festive and a great change to the more traditional salads I am used to. It brought a fresh & tangy flavor to an otherwise savory meal.
I am calling it a "Christmas Salad" due to the red & green colors, and the fact that I made it this year for our Christmas dinner.

Christmas Salad
(thanks Joy!)
proportions are as follows:
(but adjust according to total amount needed)

1 pomegranate, seeded
1 granny smith apple, diced
2-3 kiwi, sliced and cut into small pieces

Chicken Chili Cheese Cups

For the past few years, we have gone to a friends house for a Christmas Eve nativity program, and appetizers/munchies. Everyone brings something to share, but the spread is usually heavy on the desserts/sweets. Therefore, I always try to bring something a little "heartier". Last year, I tried THIS recipe. This year, I made these:

Chicken Chili Cheese Cups
( found HERE)

My only change was done out of necessity. I couldn't find the pre-made phyllo shells anywhere! So I bought the phyllo pastry sheets, and just used a pizza cutter to cut squares. I then took about 3-4 sheets and tucked them into a mini-muffin pan and filled them. The shells came out crispier (which I preferred) if I did NOT use cooking spray.