Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 new favorite things

#1 CaraCara oranges!
I love oranges and have always been partial to good ole' California Navel oranges, but these are SO much better! They are a cross between a California Navel and a blood orange--the flesh almost looks like a dark grapefruit--and they are SO sweet! I have only found them in large bags at Costco (which is fine because I devour them!), but I am going to keep my eyes open from now on to see if they are sold in regular grocery stores, too. They are awesome!

#2 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
A good friend and my sister-in-law both recommended this barbeque sauce to me. Again, I was quite partial to my old stand-by...a BBQ sauce from a local restaurant in Northern California, Emil Villa's. My parents would buy the sauce by the case and so I assumed it was the BEST sauce ever. But Sweet Baby Ray's is REALLY good, much better than generic Kraft BBQ sauce--a littel sweet and a little kick, but definitely NOT spicy. The best part is that it is sold at most grocery stores (some Costco's), and even our WalMart--so now I don't have to sneak a bottle of Emil Villla's sauce home in my suitcase every time I go to see my parents!


ellen said...

Trader Joe's has a really good BBQ sauce...

Monson Family said...

I can't wait to try those oranges! I feel the same about CA naval! I am going to get some on my next costco trip! Thanks!

Courtney said...

I saw the bbq sauce at Costco so I bought it!