Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breakfast for dinner!

Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner. I never thought of doing this until I read some other menu blogs and realize that not every menu has to consist of a meat, veggie and starch. Unforunately, Marc is not a fan of breakfast foods--guess it's a good thing he is out of town tonight! We are having 5 Grain Pancakes--a recipe that I got from my friend Allison Sovereign in AZ. Yesterday I pulled out my wheat grinder and made up the base to the pancake mix and threw it in the freezer (just like the recipe says)--just for nights like tonight. FYI: I am using my red wheat from my food storage, and bought the other 4 grains (barley, rye, oat groats and brown rice) in the bulk food section at Whole Foods. It took just a few minutes to grind all the grains and throw the mix together. This recipe makes a GREAT fluffy pancake--you would never know it was full of fiber! And now I have an ample supply of healthy pancake mix on hand!

5 Grain Pancakes

6 c. wheat
1 c. barley
1 c. rye
1 c. oat groats
1 c. brown rice
Mix all grains together and then grind into flour.
Then add:
4 c. powdered milk
1 Tblspn salt
1 c. baking powder
Mix together with ground grains and store in freezer.

When ready to make pancakes:
1 c. pancake mix
1 egg
1/2-3/4 c. water
2 Tblspn oil

Mix all ingredients together. Add enough water to preferred consistency. Cook on griddle.


AMY said...

Good for you Rachel - using all the grains and everything.... You mentioned that you used your red wheat from your food storage... Question - are you pretty stocked on your food storage - Do you use items from your food storage often - and do you have recipes that you could have most if not all ingredients stocked in your pantry for a month or so.... I'm the new F.S. supervisor in our ward and am looking for feedback on different people's systems.
THANKS for putting up a blog! AMY Arriola